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Agricola Mikael (1510- 1557), clergy figure

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Agricola, Mikael, (about 1510- 1557), a Finnish clergy figure, founder of the Finnish literary language. During 1536-1539 he was apprenticed the Wittenberg University to Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon. Mikael Agricola was the Head of the Reformation in Finland. Since 1554 Agricola was a bishop of the Abo (Turku) Eparchy. In 1556-1557 he participated in the Swedish embassy to Moscow. In 1542 Agricola published the first Finnish ABC book. The main Agricola's works: translations of the New Testament in Finnish (1548), tanslations of a part of the Old Testament in Finnish (1551-1552), translations of the psalm-bookand some prayer books in the Finnish language. Agricola's translations were accompanied with essays on the history and culture of Finland, the calendar and summary of agricultural information. M. Agricola died on 9 April 1557 on the way from Moscow to Abo (Turku) to the village Kyuryennyemi of the parish of Uusikirkko (now it is the Vyborg district, the village have not survived). Agricola was buried in the Cathedral in the town of Vyborg (the grove has not survived). In 2001 the memorable monument was restored on the place where Agricola died (the Cape of Kyuryenniyemi). The monument was originally in stalled in 1900. The destroyed in 1940 monument of Agricola in Vyborg is planned to restored.

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Agricola, Mikael
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