Articles / Ignaty (Bryanchaninov) (1807-1867), sainted hierach, clergy figure

Ignaty (Bryanchaninov) (1807-1867), sainted hierach, clergy figure

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Ignaty (Dmitry Aleksandrovich Bryanchaninov; 1807-1867), an ecclesiastical writer, theologian, sainted hierach. Dmitry Aleksandrovich Bryanchaninov studied in the Main Engineering College in St. Petersburg from 1822 untill 1827. He was in the first obedience in the monastery of St. Alexander of Svir under the direction of Venerable leonid (Leo). In 1831 he was professed as a monk. From 1832 Ignaty became the superior of the Pelshemsky Lopotov Monastery (in the Vologda Eparchy), in 1833 he was an hegumen. In 1834 Ignaty was ordained an archimandrite and appointed the superior of the Holy Trinity Hermitage of St. Sergius which was transformed by him if the exemplary monastery. At the same time (during 1838-1857) he was a suffragan bishop of monasteries of the St. Petersburg Eparchy. Many monasteries (for example: the Konevets Munastery of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary) was visited by himself more than once. Ignaty could end the religious discord in the Valaam Monastery and the Staraya Ladoga Dormition Convent. The most of Ignaty's ecclesiastical works: ""Asketicheskiye opyti"" (""The Ascetic Experiences""), travel notes about the Valaam Monastery and Borodinsky Monastery, ""Poems in Prose"" - original in genre religious-poetic thinking, were wrote in the Hermitage of St. Sergius. Ignaty started theological-artistic criticism, published patristic literature. He gave special attention to the style of his works and translations. In 1857 Ignaty was ordained to the rank of the bishop of the Caucasus and the Black See District and left to Stavropol. From 1861 he was at rest in the Babayevsky Monastery of St. Nicholas of the Kostroma Eparchy (now it is the Yaroslavl Eparchy). In 1988 Ignaty was canonized , his holy relics are placed in the Tolgsky Monastery of the Presentation in the Temple of the Yaroslavl Eparchy.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Ignaty (Dmitry Aleksandrovich Bryanchaninov)
Lev (Lev Danilovich Nagolkin), St.

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