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Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich (1865- 1936), a musician

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GLAZUNOV, Aleksandr Konstantinovich (1865– 1936), composer, conductor, teacher, public figure in music. Since 1879 he was taught music by М.А. Balakirev (piano) and by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (theory and composition). In 1882 he was recognized as one of the leading composers of the St.Petersburg School. Since 1888 he worked as a composer at Russian Symphony concerts of M.P. Belyayev. Since 1896 he constantly performed at concerts in the towns of Russia, Europe, the USA. In 1899 he started to work in the management of St.Petersburg Branch of Russian Music Society, at the same time he worked as a professor at St.Petersburg Conservatory, in the period 1905-28 he worked as a director of the Conservatory. Glazunov is an author of eight symphonies, symphonic poems, fantasias, piano concerts, three ballets, music to drama plays, love songs, cantatas, instrumental music. Glazunov was an Honorary Doctor of Oxford and Cambridge Universities (1907). In 1922 he became People’s Artist of the USSR. In 1928 he moved abroad. Beginning from 1881 Glazunov many times visited Suur-Merioki estate (doesn’t exist) in 8 кm to the north-west from Vyborg Town (modern Seleznevo Settlement ). In the period 1880–1920s he often visited Gatchina Town: in 1882 together with V.V. Stasov he visited M.A.Balakirev, who settled down in Gatchina Town; he met Gatchina musicians; he visited pianist A.A. Lugovaya in her country house. In the beginning of 1920s in the summer time Glazunov rented a flat in the kitchen square at Gatchina Palace. In Gatchina Town he composed one of his waltzes. Glazunov died in Paris and was buried in Neuilly. In 1972 his remains were moved to Leningrad and buried in the Necropolis of Masters of Arts in Alexander Nevsky Laura.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Balakirev, Mily Alekseyevich
Belyayev, Mitrofan Petrovich
Glazunov, Aleksandr Konstantinovich
Lugovaya, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolay Andreyevich
Stasov, Vladimir Vasilyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Seleznyovo, settlement

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