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Dmitriyevsky, Ivan Afanasyevich (1736-1821), an actor

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DMITRIYEVSKY, Ivan Afanasyevich (the real name was Narykov) (1736–1821), actor, director, teacher, translator, playwright, theatre historian, full member of Russian Academy of Sciences. He graduated from a Seminary in Yaroslavl City (1751). Since 1749 he played roles in Yaroslavl company “Okhochiye Komedianty” (“Eager Comedians’). In 1752 Dmitriyevsky together with F.G. Volkov, Y.D. Shumsky and other company actors were invited to St.Petersburg. At first they worked at drama company of the Land Polish Gentry Corps. In 1756, after establishment of “Russkogo dlya Predstavleniya Tragediy I komediy Teatra” (“Russian Drama and Comedy Theatre”), Dmitriyevsky became its leading actor, in 1763 – a star actor. In 1770 he acted as a director for the first time. In the period 1782-83 Dmitriyevsky worked as an impresario of a Free Russian Theatre in St.Patersburg. Since 1783 he worked as an inspector at the Russian Imperial Company. Since the end of 1770s he taught acting at Moscow Orphanage, he was a founder of Russian Drama School. Dmitriyevsky played many roles from Russian and European repertoire, he staged dozens of plays, translated more than 50 foreign plays, wrote tens of his own plays, created numerous librettos for operas and ballets. In 1791 Dmitriyevsky became “Glavny Rezhisser nad Vsemy Rossiiskimy Zrelishchamy” (“Chief Director of All Russian Entertainment”). On behalf of Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitriyevsky wrote “Istoriya Russkogo Teatra” (“History of Russian Theatre”). Many times he visited Gatchina Town to arrange theatre performances. In 1795 they staged “Nedorosl” (“Young Ignoramus”) by D.I. Fonvizin, Dmitriyevsky played a role of Starodum.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Dmitriyevsky, Ivan Afanasyevich (the real name was Narykov)
Fonvizin, Denis Ivanovich
Shumsky, Yakov Danilovich
Volkov, Fyodor Grigoryevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

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