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Iov (? -1716), metropolitan, clergy figure

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Iov (middle of the 17th c. – 1716), the Metropolitan of Novgorod, clergy figure. He was from the ecclesiastical circle of Nizhny Novgorod by birth. He was professed as a monk in the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Monastery in youth . From 1690 he was the archimandrite, head of the Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery in Moscow, in 1694-1697 he was the head of the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Monastery . In 1697 he became the bishop, then he became the Metropolitan of Novgorod and Velikiye Luki. He activly worked as educator and philanthripist. In 1706 he established the Greek-Latin College and the Slavonic College in Novgorod, later he opened fourteen schools, three hospitals and orphanages in the Eparchy. He appealed to Peter I on the translation of the Bible into Russian. He performed the ecclesiastical guidance of coasts of the Neva River and the Baltic Sea, that were returned after the North War (now it is the territory of the Leningrad Oblast), which were included into his Eparchy. In 1704 he consecrated the Church of St Peter and St Paul at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St Petersburg.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

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Peter I, Emperor

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