Articles / Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), priest, clergy figure

Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), priest, clergy figure

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Kolokolov Aleksy Petrovich (1836-1902), clergy figure, philanthropist, preacher. He was burne in the priest family, in the village of Prusynskaya Gorka of Novoladozhsky Region. In 1857 he graduated from the St Alexander Nevsky Ecclesiastical College and the seminary. From 1858 he was the priest of the church in the village of Khotovo of the Novoladozhsky region. The new church was built in the village accorging to the initiative of Kolokolov istead of the burned church and in 1867 one more church, it was built of stone, was constructed. Soon he became famous far away. In 1874 he was the senior priest of the Church of St George at the St George nurse community in St Petersburg. In 1876 he became the archpriest, in 1897 he was awarded the mitre.He activly took part in the work of the Eparchy Care Society for the Poor Clergy Men, the Russian Red Cross Organization, many philanthropic organizations. The writer Evgeny Poselyanin (Pogozhev) was amidst the spirit followers of Kolokolov. Kolokolov used the money donations of rich parishioners for philanthropic works. Churches in the village Srednyaya Verkhovina, the village of Pomyalovo, the village of Prusyn, the village of Kuivozi (Novoladozhsky Region) were built with active participation of Kolokolov. From 1876 to the 1880s the complex of philanthropic institutions(shelter, almshouse) and the Uspenskaya Church (1876, architect M.A. Schurupov) were constructed on the Uspensky Island (now the October Island) of the Volhov River according to the initiative of Kolokolov. He died in St Petersburg and was buried in the crypt of the church on the Uspensky Island . In the end of the 1930s his remains were re-buried in the cemetery near the village of Bolotovo; In 2001 his remains were re-burried in the Prusynskaya Gorka cemetery near the garves of his parents.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich
Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Kolokolov, Aleksey Petrovich, priest
Poselyanin (Pogozhev), Yevgeny Nikolayevich
Shchurupov, Mikhail Arefyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Bolotovo Village
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Khotovo Village
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Kuyvozi Village
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Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Pomyalovo Village
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Prusyni Village
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Prusynskaya Gorka Village
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Srednyaa Verkhovina Village
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