Articles / Melartin, Erkki Gustav (1875 - 1937), a musician

Melartin, Erkki Gustav (1875 - 1937), a musician

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MELARTIN, Erkki Gustav (1875, Ostamo; modern Sudakovo Settlement, Priozersk District – 1937), Finnish composer, conductor, teacher. His childhood Melartin spent in Keksgolm in Tapiola estate (on the territory of modern Priozersk Town). In the period 1895-98 he studied at the Musical Institute (Musikinstitut) in Helsingforce (Helsinki), in the period 1899–1901 he took lessons from composer M. Vegelius in Vienna, after that – in Berlin and Rome. In the period 1901-07 Melartin taught music theory and composition at the Musical Institute (since 1924 – the Conservatory) in Helsingforce; in 1919 he became a professor, in the period 1911-36 he worked as a chancellor. Among the students of Melartin one can find Sulkho Ranta. In the period 1908-10 he worked as a Symphony Orchestra conductor in Vyborg Town. He is an author of eight symphonies, a mystery opera “Aino” based on “Kalevala”, a ballet “Golubaya Zhemchuzhina” (“Blue Pearl”), symphony poems, about 300 songs, 400 pieces of chamber music, music for performances, folk songs arrangement. Melartin’s music is full of folk tunes, it has features of Late European Romanticism.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Melartin, Erkki Gustav
Ranta, Sulkho
Vegelius, Martin

Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District/Priozersk Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District/Sudakovo Settlement
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

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