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Bakhtin, Vladimir Solomonovich (1923-2001), a scientist

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Bakhtin, Vladimir Solomonovich (1923-2001), a scientist, specialist in folklore and in study of literature, writer. Bakhtin graduated from the philological faculty of the Leningrad State University in 1950. From 1950 till 1953 he worked in the newspaper "Pskovskaya pravda" ("The Pskov Truth"). During 1953- 1956 Bakhtin taught at the Karelian Teacher's Training College and at the Petrozavodsk State University. From 1959 till 1964 and from 1969 till 1983 V.S. Bakhtin was a consultant of the Leningrad Branch of the USSR Writers' Union and supervised the work with young authors. From 1946 Bakhtin started to collect and publish folklore materials. He was one of the first who began studing the modern folklore of the Soviet period. Bakhtin more than once went in research expeditions in the Leningrad Oblast including into Kobona Village. He studied the creative work of Leningrad writers and was the author of reference books.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Bakhtin, Vladimir Solomonovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirovsk District/Kobona Village

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