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Mga River, the

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MGA, a river, left-hand tributary of the Neva. Length: 55 km. Average flow rate in the mouth: 5.3 cu. m / s, catchment area: 709 sq. km. It flows out of Lake Maluksinskoye in the central part of Leningrad Oblast and it flows into the Neva within the lines of Pavlovo urban settlement, Kirovsk District. In its upper reach, it flows from north-east to south-west. In way of Kostuya village, Tosno District, it changes the stream direction to north-west. The most important tributaries are Berezovka, Piskunovka, Karbuselka, Voitoilovka. The river’s name is of a Baltic Finnish origin and means “oozy.” From the break of the 15th-16th cc., Yarvosolsky Pogost of Vodskaya Pyatina was known in the basin of M. In the 16th century, Makaryevskaya Hermitage appeared in the upper reach of the river, and a monastery was established on that site in 1894. Two urban settlements of Kirovsk District, Mga and Pavlovo, are situated in the basin of M.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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