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Ragusha River, the

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RAGUSHA, river, left-hand tributary of the Volozhba River (Lake Ladoga basin.) Length: 42 km. The width varies from 3-5 m at the source to 10-15 m near the mouth. It flows out of the south-eastern part of Lake Nikulinskoye in Khvoinaya District, Novgorod Oblast. The river flows its first 20 km in the north-eastern direction; near the Leningrad Oblast border, it turns northward and flows into the Volozhba north-west of Rudnaya Gorka village. The most important tributaries are Retomlya and Tochinsky. The origin of the river’s name is unclear, and has non-Slav roots. Currently, there are no inhabited localities on the banks of R. The river has sinkholes, small waterfalls, dry riverbed portions, and a steep canyon up to 80 m high. A special microclimate exists in the valley of R. Broad-leaved wood species: oak, lime, maple, elm, and rare species of herbaceous plants and mosses grow there. R. is a place of habitation and spawning of salmon species. By the resolution of the Leningrad Oblast Exec. Committee of March 29, 1976, the river’s valley is declared a protected natural monument. Currently, it is a natural area of preferential protection under the jurisdiction of the Leningrad Oblast Government.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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