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Slavyanka River, the

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SLAVYANKA, a river in Gatchina District of Leningrad Oblast and in St. Petersburg, left-hand tributary of the Neva. Length: 39 km. Catchment area: 249 sq. km. Flow rate: 1.8 cu. m/s. It originates from the Taytsi Springs on the Pyazelevsky Hills (see Taytsi.) Tributaries: Tyzva and Popovka rivers. The name (originally Slovenka) indicates the settlements of the Ilmen Slovens that appeared there in the 9th century. Pavlovsk town, a part of St. Petersburg, is situated on the banks of S. In the 1780s, S. was connected to the Izhora River with a canal (1.2 km long) near Antelevo village (Gatchina District) to drain water from the Izhora to the parks of Pavlovsk (it functioned until the 1st half of the 19th c.)

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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