Articles / Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich (1925-1997), a scientist

Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich (1925-1997), a scientist

Subject / Local studies/Personnel

Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich (1925-1997, Vyborg Town), a local historian. Kepp was born in Peterhof Town of the Petrograd Gubernia in the family of originates from Germany. From 1941 till 1944 Kepp stayed on the occupied territory. In 1944 Ye.Ye. Kepp joined the Soviet Army, he participated in battles. From 1945 till 1950 Kepp served in Vyborg town where he remained to live after the demobilization. From 1950-1985 he worked at the children's sanatorium "Vyborg" as a music-master, music and labour teacher. In 1967 Kepp graduated from the department of the Theory and History of Arts of the Institute of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture named after I.Ye. Repin, defended a thesis on architecture of Vyborg. More then thirty years Kepp studied the town history , architecture and culture. Kepp was the author of monographes and more the two hundred newspaper articles. He appealed to the objective coverage of the Swedish and Finnish periods of Vyborg Town history, carried out the public work. In 1991 Kepp established the club "Old Vyborg" (it has been closed in 1999), during 1991-1997 he was being the Chairman of the club. The club included the amateur association of the local history, fancy-work hobby-group "Souvenirs", the Finnish Language courses. The club has got into touch with Finns lived in Vyborg before 1939. Kepp was an initiator of the restoration of the Church of Elias the Prophet which was demolished in the 1950s ( the church was sanctified in 1999 which ). In 1994 Kepp was honoured with the title of the freeman of Vyborg Town. He was buried in Verkhneye Cherkasovo (Verkhne-Cherkasovo) Settlement near Vyborg. In 1998 a commemorative plaque was put on the house where Ye.Ye. Kepp lived from 1987 till 1997 (No.10, Moskovsky Prospekt). In 2001 Bibliotechnaya Street in Vyborg was renamed as Kepp Street. Materials about the life and work of Kepp are kept in the Vyborg Central Town Library named after A.Aalto and in the Leningra Oblast State Archives ( LOGAV, Funds, p. 118, Op. 2)

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Kepp, Yevgeny Yevgenyevich

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Вехи Выборгской истории. Выборг, 2006., С. 6-8

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