Articles / Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich (1918-1995), a scientist

Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich (1918-1995), a scientist

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Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich (1918-1995), a historian, Doctor of History from 1965. From 1936 till 1941 Shaskolsky attended the history faculty of the Leningrad State University. During the studies Shaskolsky's scientific interest sphere was determined. It was the research of the relations between Russia and countries of the North Europe in the 9-18th centuries and the role of the Baltic-Finnish people in the relations. From 1944 till 1947 Shaskolsky was a postgraduate of the Leningrad State University. From 1949 till 1953 he worked as a research worker of the Institute of Language, Literature and History of the USSR Science Academy Karelian branch in Petrozavodsk, from 1953 till 1956 he worked at the Museum of the Religion and Atheism History in Leningrad, from 1956 Shaskolsky worked as a research worker of the USSR Science Academy Leningrad branch (now it is the St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Shaskolsky was the author of about 300 works on the Middle Age History, the historic geography, source study of the North-West of Russia, Scandinavian countries, Finland, Karelia, Baltic countries. Shaskolsky was a co-author of the local history books: "Priozersk" (together with V.I. Gromov; the 1st edition in 1960, the 2nd in 1963, the 3d in 19760, "Tikhvin" (together with L.A. Fainshtein and M.L. Samushenkova; the 1st edition in 1961, the 2nd in 1984).

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Fainstein, L.A.
Gromov, V.I.
Samushenkova, M.L.
Shaskolsky, Igor Pavlovich

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Neighbouring Territories/Karelian Republic

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