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Budogoshch, urban settlement

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BUDOGOSHCH, an urban settlement in Kirishi District. Population: 3,900. It is situated on the Pchevzha river (right-hand tributary of the Volkhov.) It is situated at the crossing of the railway lines to Mga, Tikhvin, and Nebolchi, and local-level motor roads. The name is related to the pre-Christian Slav name Budogost’. The settlement appeared in 1914 with the station on the Mga-Rybinsk railroad that was being constructed. It incorporated the villages of Starinka, Budogoshch, and Kapustino. In 1917-18, barracks for the builders and a club-house were constructed, and first type houses appeared. In 1918, the development of Zelyony Khutor began, where the estate of landowner Tarkhovsky was situated before the Revolution. A park was laid out on the shore of Lake Zelyonoye. In 1930, it became an urban settlement, and in 1927-32, it was the center of the district of the same name. In the 1930s, the planning of the settlement was regularized, the streets got their current names, and the railway station building was erected. During the German occupation (Oct.–Dec. 1941) some buildings were destroyed. In 1943-65 it was a part of Kirishi District, and a district center. In 1947, the villages of Malaya and Bolshaya Budogoshch were included in B. Today, the settlement is surrounded by a pine forest between the Pchevzha and several lakes, and consists of several blocks divided by the railroad and the river. The planning of the settlement’s central part is the most regular. B. has a district culture center, school of music, and library. “Eternal Love For Our Cradle”, an annual festival of folk art, has been held at the shore of Lake Zelyonoye annually since 1987. In 2002, an Orthodox parish was registered in B., and the Church of Assumption of the Mother of God is under construction.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich


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