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Bestuzhev (Marlinsky), Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1797-1837), a writer

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Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bestuzhev (the literary pseudonym -Marlinsky) (1797-1837), a writer, critic, decembrist. He was taught at the Military College of Mines during 1810-1815 but did not graduated from it. From 1816 Bestuzhev served in the Life Guard Dragoon Regiment which stayed near Peterhof Town in the place of Marli (the pseudonym was taken according to the place name). From 1822 Bestuzhev was an aide-de-camp of General A.A. Betankur, from 1823 he was an aide-de-camp of Prince A.F. Vyurtembergsky, in 1825 he became a staff-captain. From 1818 Bestuzhev's works were published in the magazines "The Son of the Fatherland", "The Competitor of Education and Philanthropy", "The North Archives", "The Neva Onlooker", and others. During 1823-1825 Bestuzhev jointly with K.F. Ryleyev published the anthology "The Polar Star". From 1823 Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bestuzhev became a member of Northern Society of Decembrists, in 1825 he became a leader of it. He was an organizer and participant of the Uprising of December 14, 1825. After the arrest Bstuzhev was kept in the Peter and Paul Fortress, he was sentenced to death (the execution was commuted to 20 years of the hard labour). From August 1826 Bestuzhev was kept in Rochensalma Fortress (Finland). In 1827 he was exiled into Yakutsk city. In 1829 Bestuzhev was sent to the Caucasus as soldier. He had perished in the battle with mountaineers on the Cape of Adler. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bestuzhev (Marlinsky) was one of the popular writers of the 1820-1830s, the author of narratives and stories "Roman and Olga" (1823), "The Revel Tournament" (1825), "The Ordeal" (1830), "Amalat-Bek" (1832), "The Frigate "Nadezhda" (1833), "The Seafarer Nikitin" (1834) and other. During 1810-1844 Bestuzhev's mother Praskovya Mikhailovna owned Seltso village of the New Ladoga Uyezd of St. Peterburg Gubernia (now it is Kirishi Town). Bestuzhev's estate was not survived.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Wurtemberg, Prince Alexander-Friedrich von
Bestuzhev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Bestuzheva, Praskovya Mikhailovna
Betancourt, Avgustin Avgustinovich
Ryleyev, Kondraty Fyodorovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Kirishi District/Kirishi Town
Historical Toponyms/Marli
Neighbouring Territories/Finland/Rochensalm Fortress, the
Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Gubernia (Province)/Novoya Ladoga Uyezd/Soltsi Village

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