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Bianki, Vitaly Valentinovich (1894-1959), a writer

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Vitaly Valentinovich Bianki (1894-1959), a writer. Bianki learned at the Science Department of the Physical and Mathematical Faculty of the Petrograd University, but he did not graduate it as he was conscripted in 1916. Bianki's works were published in 1923 for the first time, he worked in children's magazines the Sparrow" (from 1924 the magazine was renamed "New Robinsons"), "The Siskin", "The Hedgehog" and others. In 1925 V.V. Bianki was arrested as an ex-member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party and exiled into Uralsk Town. In 1929 he returned to Leningrad City. Bianki was arrested again in 1932 and 1935. He was the author of more then 300 stories, tales, narratives and articles about the nature. They were included into 120 his books. Among them there are stories: "Na velikom morskom puti" ("On the Great Seaway", 1923), "Kto chem poyet" ("With What Who Sings", 1924), "Lesnaya gazeta" ("The Forest Newspaper", 1928), "Dzhulbars" (1937), "Nechayanniye vstrechi" ("Chance Meetings", 1947), "Lesniye byli I nebylitsi" ("Forest True and Tall Stories", 1957), "Klub Kolumbov" ("The Club of Columbbuses", 1959) and others. During his childhood V.V. Bianki lived in Lebyazhye settlement (now it is in the Lomonosov District). Later during many years Bianki spent summer monthes in Vyritsa settlement (the Gatchina District). V.V. Bianki was buried at the Bogoslovskoye Cemetery in Saint Petersburg.

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Bianki, Vitaly Valentinovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lomonosov District/Lebyazhye Urban Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Vyritsa Urban Settlement

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