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Goryshin, Gleb Aleksandrovich (1931-1998), a literary man

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Gleb Aleksandrovich Goryshin (1931-1998), a literary man. He was born in Leningrad city and spent his childhood in the urban settlement of Vyritsa. In 1954 Goryshin graduated from the Journalism Faculty of the Leningrad State University. Till 1957 he worked in the newspaper "The Young People of the Altay" (Barnaul City). In the late 1950s -the early 1960s Goryshin participated in geological investigations in the Southern Siberia and in Transbaikalia. The first poem collection "Bread and Salt" (1958) was assembled from the works connected with the Altay. Gleb Goryshin was a member of the USSR Writers' Union from 1960. The first works about the Leningrad Oblast life were written in the early 1970s ("The Waterfall"). During 1977-1981 Gleb Goryshin was the chief editor of the magazine "Aurora" (Leningrad City). From the middle 1980s he was a member of the movement against the industrial pollution of Ladoga and Onega Lakes. G.A. Goryshin gave special attention to the life of the Tikhvin District Veps' villages where he lived for a long time. In 1989 he published the publicistic collection "Looking at eyes of Ladoga Lake" and the narrative "The Mountain and the Bank" (about the contemporary Veps' village). In the 1990s Goryshin's works were published in the magazines "The Star", "Moscow", "St. Petersburg's panorama", "The North". He was a winner of the Bunin Prize of Russia Writers' Union in 1995. Goryshin wrote several tens of works. He was buried at the cemetery of Komarovo settlement.

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Goryshin, Gleb Aleksandrovich

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