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Sinyavino, urban settlement

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SINYAVINO, an urban settlement in Kirovsk District. Population: 3,600. Administratively subordinate to S. is Sinyavino-– settlement located 10 km east of the basic settlement. The name is related to the family name of the Russian admirals Sinyavin who were granted land in that area in the 18th century. The Murmansk Highway extends close to S. 9 km to the north-west is Petrokrepost railway station, 16 km to the south is Mga Station. Peat production started in way of Sinyavino village (Vagriselka before the 18th c.) in 1928, and nine settlements were built. In 1930 they were transformed in the workers’ settlement of Sinyavino. During WWII, in 1941-43, fierce battles took place in the environs of S.; as a result, the settlements and the village were destroyed. In the post-war period, Sinyavino-1 settlement appeared between the former Settlements Nos. 1 and 2, and Sinyavino-2, on the site of Settlement No. 8. In the center of S. there is an obelisk on the burial place of warriors who perished in WWII. In the environs of the settlement, monuments at the place of meeting of soldiers of the two fronts, a monument in honor of those who assaulted the Sinyavino Heights, and obelisks on the common graves of Soviet soldiers killed during WWII were installed in 1973. S. Has a culture center, library, children’s school of arts; the local history museum is based on the secondary school.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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