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Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man

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Leykin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1831-1906), a literary man, journalist. During 1853-1858 N.A. Leykin learned in the German Reformer College in St. Petersburg. Leykin worked as a professional literary man from the early 1860s, he worked in magazines "Iskra" ("The Spark"), "Zanoza" ("The Splinter"), "Budilnik" ("The Alarm Clock"), "Sovremennik" ("The Contemporary"), "The biblioteka dlya chteniya" ("The Library for Reading"), "Otechestvenniye zapiski" ("The Native Notes"), "Strekoza" ("The Dragonfly"), in newspapers "Peterburgsky listok" (St. Petersburg's Leaflet"), "The Petersburg Newspaper". During 1881-1905 Leykin was the editor of the popular comic magazine "Oskolki" ("Fragments") in which N.S. Leskov, N.V. Uspensky, A.P. Chekhov, and others worked. He was a city-councillor of the St. Petersburg City Duma during 1881-1884 and 1889-1906, then he was a honorary Justice of the Peace of St. Petersburg. Leykin's first published work was "Apraksintsi. Stseni I ocherki" ("Apraksin Dvor's Salesmen. Scenes and essays", 1863) about merchants' and clerks' life. By the early 1880s Leykin became a popular and one of the most fruitful literary nan in Russia. Leykin wrote 36 novels and narratives, 11 plays and more then 10000 stories, essays and scenes. He was buried in St. Petersburg at the Literatorskiye Mostki necropolys at Volkovo Cemetery. In the 1880s Leykin bought the estate in Ivanovskoye Village on the River Tosno right bank near its emptying in the Neva River (now it is Otradnoye Town, the house was not survived) from S.Ya. Yakovlev. In 1886 and 1887 Leykin's estate was visited by A.P. Chekhov.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich
Leikin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich
Leskov, Nikolay Semyonovich
Uspensky, Nikolay Victorovich
Yakovlev (Sobakin), Savva Yakovlevich

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