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Prishvin, Mikhail Mikhaylovich (1873-1954), a writer

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Prishvin, Mikhail Mikhaylovich (1873-1954), a writer. Prishvin graduated from the Leipzig University Philosophic Faculty agronomical department in 1902. He worked as an agronomist, he wrote books on agriculture. Prishvin travelled in Karelia, the Middle Asia, the Ussuri Kray, Norway. Prishvin's first story "Sashok" was published in 1906. Prishvin is the author of books: "V krayu nepuganikh ptits" ("In the Land of Tame Birds", 1907), "Za volshebnim kolobok" ("for the Magic Kolobok", 1909), "U sten nevidimogo (Svetloye ozero)" ("At the Walls of the Invisible (Light Lake)", 1909), "Chyorny arab" ("The Black Arab", 1910), "Kalendar prirodi" ("The Calendar of Nature", 1925-1935), "Zhuravlinaya rodina" ("The Native Land of Cranes", 1929), "Zhen-shen" ("The Ginseng", 1933), "Lesnaya kapel" ("Forest Thaw", 1940), "Kladovaya solntsa" ("The Sun's Pantry", 1945), "The Ship Thick Forest", 1954), the autobiographic novel "Kashcheyeva tsep" ("Kashchei's Chain", 1922-1954), diaries and others. During 1904-1910 Prishvin lived and worked at the Ministry of Agriculture agricultural station which was organized at P.A. Bilderling estate of Busani (now it is Busani village of the Luga District). During 1914-1917 Prishvin often visited to A.M. Gorky's house in Neuvola village (now it is Gorkovskoye settlement of the Vyborg District). Prishvin with Gorky and F.I. Chaliapin celebrated the New Year's Eve in 1915 there.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bilderling, Pyotr Aleksandrovich
Chaliapin, Fyodor Ivanovich
Gorky, Maxim ( Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov)
Prishvin, Mikhail Mikhaylovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Busani Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Gorkovskoye Settlement

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