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Gorka, village

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GORKA, a village in Tikhvin District. Population: 813. It is located near a dry wash, at a bend of the Pasha River. It is connected to Tikhvin and localities in the district’s north-western part by a motor road. The name indicates the position of the village on an elevated spot of the terrain. Burial mounds of the Ladoga Coast archeological culture are known in way of G. Pashekozhelsky Pogost known from written sources since the 12th c. existed once in the place of today’s settlement. G. is built up with wooden and concrete panel houses. The village has a library and culture center. The stone church of the Protection of the Virgin has survived (1859; closed in 1935), and its restoration started in 1991. The ancient wooden church of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker (1757) burned down in 2001. The legend says, the Icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin miraculously appeared in those quarters, on Kukova Hill. A chapel with a footprint boulder lying near it existed up to the 1940s.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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Краснов Н.В. Тихвин Л., 1971. 175 с.: ил., С.5-6

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