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Yermilovo, settlement

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YERMILOVO (Humaljoki before 1947, meaning “hop river” in Finnish), a settlement in Vyborg District. Population: 1200. It is located south of Primorsk Town on the Gulf of Finland coast where the Yermilovka River (former Humaljoki) flows into the gulf, at the Ushkovo-Primorsk railway branch. Humaljoki was a settlement consisting of nearly 30 minor villages. In 1947-48 it was successively renamed Sosnovka, Khmelnitskaya, and Ryabovo (in memory I. A. Ryabov, a soldier killed in action.) The current name was given after pilot Lt. I. I. Yermilov. With the construction of port facilities in Primorsk, E. has become an important railway junction. Reconstruction of the Yermilovo-Ryabovo-Polyany-Pushnoye is underway, to connect the Scandinavia route and the Seaport of Primorsk. "Sever " JSC, a company farming polar fox and mink, is based in E. The settlement has a culture center and a branch of the Vyborg Judo School. In 2005, a Judo competition was held there with participation of sportsmen of the Karelian Peninsula. The environs of E. are a popular place with ice-fishing fans. There were Finnish fortifications near E.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Ryabov, Ivan Alekseyevich
Yermilov, Ivan Ivanovich

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