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LOSEVO (Finnish Kiviniemi before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Located in the area known as Kiviniemi (“stone promontory”, Russian version: Kamenka) on the left (northern) bank of the arm connecting the Vuoksa River with Lake Sukhodolskoye (former Suvanto), near the railway station of the same name of the St. Petersburg-Priozersk-Sortavala branch. Population: 487. The current name was given to the northern part of Kiviniemi village. The southern part of the village (on the right bank of the arm) is Varshko village today (Kamennaya in 1948, Varzhkovo in 1948-49.) Several small settlements on the Kamenka are mentioned in Novgorod’s sources under 1565. In the 17th c., a Swedish fortification was in Kiviniemi on the northern bank of the Vuoksa, and in the 1930s, defensive installations as part of the “Mannerheim Line”; on the southern bank, a Russian fortification existed in the early 18th century (remnants of the ramparts have survived.) L. is a center of dacha recreation and boating. The “Vuoksa” boating festival is regularly held.

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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