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Putilovo, village

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PUTILOVO, a village in Kirovsk District. Population: 1,500. Located at the edge of the Putilovo Hills, whose name originates from the Slav name Putilo. The Murmansk Highway extends close to the village. In the 17th c. it was the center of the Lutheran parish of Loppi (Loppis) devastated during the Northern War. In 1712, peasants were relocated there by the order of Peter I to produce rubble slabs (so called slab breaking) to be used in the construction in St. Petersburg (Summer Palace of Peter I, Peter and Paul’s Cathedral.) In the 18th-19th cc., the residents of P. were famous as skillful stone dressers. The head office of Dalnyaya Polyana Co. is located in P. The village has a library and culture center. At the entrance to P. there is the extant Savior’s Chapel built from local limestone.

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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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Булах А.Г., Гавриленко В.В., Панова Е. Г. Путиловская плита - первый камень Санкт-Петербурга // Минерал. 1999. №1. URL:

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