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Sapyornoye, settlement

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SAPERNOYE (Finnish Venaja Valkjarvi / “Russian White Lake” before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Population: 3300. Located at Lake Sapernoye (former Beloye / Valkjarvi). Settlements in the place of S. were already known in the mid-16th c., when that area belonged to Vodskaya Pyatina of Novgorod Land. The attribute “Russkoye” = Russian in the name appeared due to the proximity of the Swedish. In 1948, the settlement was successively renamed Belaya, Izmailovka, and finally Sapernoye. S. also included the area of the Finnish military camp Kasarmila (Finnish “kasarmi” = barracks) that appeared in 1921-22. In the soviet period, a new military camp was constructed. The church of the Konevskaya icon of Our Lady has been active since 1994.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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Leningrad Oblast, the/Priozersk District/Sapernoye Settlement
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Historical Toponyms/Novgorod Land/Vodskaya Pyatina ("Fifth") (The territory of Novgorod Land located between rivers the Luga and the Volkhov and on the shores of Ladoga Lake)

Шитов Д.И. Карельский перешеек. Земля неизведанная. Ч. 4: Восточный сектор: Рауту–Саккола (Сосново–Громово). СПб., 2000, С.186-191

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The Church of the Konevets Icon of the Mother of God (Sapernoye Settlement, Priozersk District)

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