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Ozeretskovsky, Nikolay Yakovlevich (1750-1827), a scientist

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Hikolay Yakovlevich Ozeretskovsky (1750-1827) was a naturalist and traveller. He was an academician of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Science (1782) and the Russian Academy of Science (1783). He was born in the family of a priest. In 1767 he was sent to the academic grammar school (S.Petersburg) as a member of the group of the seminary students of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra. From 1768 to 1774 he took part in the expedition of I.I.Lepyokhin working on the Upper Volga, the Urals, in the north of European Russia. Ozeretskovsky personally explored the Kola Peninsula, environs of Onega Lake where he studied geology, flora and fauna of the region. From 1774 to 1779 he studied in the Leiden University and the University of Strasbourg and became a Doctor of Medicine in 1778. In 1779 he was a junior scientific assistant in the Saint Petersburg Academy of Science. On task of the Academy of Science he made a tour of Ladoga and Onega lakes (1785), Ilmen Lake (1805), to the Upper Volga and Seliger Lake (1814); the routes partly passed on the territory of the present Leningrad Oblast. Ozeretskovsky's published works bacame the first detailed scientific descriptions of the settlements, economy, nature of some regions of the North West of Russia. He was the author of about a hundred scientific articles published in periodical editions of the Saint Petersburg Academy of Science. He was a member of the publishing committee for making "Slovar Akademii Rossiyskoy" (1789-94; "The Vocabulary of the Russian Academy"), took part in preparation of the edition "Polnoye sobranie sochineniy M.V.Lomonosov" (1784-87; "The Complete Set of the Works of M.V.Lomonosov"). From 1800 to 1827 he worked as a head of the Academic Kunstkamera. He was buried in the Smolensk cemetery in Saint Petersburg.

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Ozeretskovsky, Nikolay Yakovlevich

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