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Vasilisk (Gavrilov) (1734-1824), Saint, clergy figure

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Ioann (Ivan Matveyevich Snychev; 1927-1995), Metropolitan. He attended the Orsk College. From 1945 he lived and worked in Buzuluk: as a lay brother, then as a subdeacon of Manuel (Lemeshevsky), the bishop of Chkalovsk and Busuluk, as a deacon, in 1948 he became a priest. In 1951 he graduated from the Saratov seminary. In 1955 Ioann graduated from the Leningrad Ecclesiastical Academy as a Doctor of Theology. In October 1956 Ioann took the monastic vows, taught in the Minsk Ecclesiastical Seminary. From 1957 he was a secretary of the archbishop Manuel, participated in assembling "The Catalogue of Russian Archiereuses of the period from 1898 to 1956" and "The Topography of Hierarchal Cathedras and Suffragancies". In 1959 he was an assistant of the inspector and a teacher of the Saratov Ecclesiastical Seminary. From September 1960 Ioann performed at the Cathedral of the Dormition in Kuibyshev City, in 1961 he became an hegumen, in 1964 he became an archimandrite. Ioann was the Bishop of Syzran (1965), the Bishop of Kuibyshev and Syzran (1969), Archbishop (1976). On 20 July 1990 Ioann was appointed Metropolitan of Leningrad (of Saint Petersburg from 1991) and Ladoga. He headed the Liturgical Commission of the Holy Synod, participated in workong the Commission on Canonization. On 12 August 1990 Ioann consecrated the first renewed under him church, the Kazan church in Zelenogorsk town. During the years of the governing of Ioann in the Saint Petersburg Eparchy the number of churches increased in three times, first monasteries were opened including in the Leningrad Oblast (the Konevets Convent of the Nativity of the Mother of God, the Cheremenetsky Monastery of St. John the Theologian and others). Ioann conferred orders 200 priests and deacons. The Magazine "Saint Petersburg Bulletin" and the newspaper "Orthodox Saint Petersburg" and others were begun to publish under his governing of the eparchy. Ioann was Master of Theology (1966), Doctor of Theology (1988). He was the author of ecclesiastic-historical and historico-philosophical works, publicistic articles. Ioann died in Saint Petersburg and was buried in the Nikolsky Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Adrian (Blinsky)
Vasilisk (Gavrilov), St.
Zosima ( Z.V. Verkhovsky), St.

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