Articles / Fyodor (Fyodor Ilyuch Polzikov) (1756-1822), clergy figure, schemamonk

Fyodor (Fyodor Ilyuch Polzikov) (1756-1822), clergy figure, schemamonk

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Fyodor (Fyodor Ilyuch Polzikov; Filimon after taking of monastic vows; 1756-1822), a schemamonk, a zealot of godliness. In 1782 Fyodor went into a monastery in secret from his family, in 1784 he was taken the monastic vows by Venerable Paisius (Velichkovsky) in the Nyametsky Monastery. In 1798 he took the Great Angelic Habit. From 1805 Fyodor lived in the Beloberezhsky Monastery, from 1813 he lived in Vsesvyatsky skete of the Valaam Monastery where Fyodor taught the brethren in spiritual conversations. After 1817 Fyodor with his followers moved to the Monastery of St. Alexander of Svir where he founded "a school of monkhood"; In 1820 Emperor Alexander I visited the monastery for meeting with Fyodor. Fyodor died in the monastery and was buried at the altar of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration (the grave has been lost). Fyodor is esteemed as a locally venerated saint, in 2006 the church was restored on the place of Fyodors's hermitage.

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