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The Church of the Ascension of Christ (Samro Village, Luga District)

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The Church of the Ascension of Christ (Samro Village, Luga District). The original wooden church of the Virgin of Mercy was built in the old village of Pesye (now it is the village of Samro) before 1576, the church did not mention after 1660. In 1737 the wooden church of the Resurrection of Christ was built but it was burned in 1756. The new wooden church was built on its place in 1756-1757 (it was closed in 1939 and it was dismantled in 1953). The revered icon of the Resurrection of Christ was kept in the church. In 1909 the stone church of the the Ascension of Christ with the added bell tower was constructed in the Classicism style; the side-chapels were consecrated in the name of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul and in the name of the Nativity of the Mother of God. There was the chapel at the church in the village (the chapel was closed in November 1939). The church did not act from 2 October 1937, the church was closed on 19 November 1939 and it was adapted for a village club. The church was re-opened in March 1942 and it act until 1945 then the church was closed. In 1947 the Executive Committee of the Leningrad Oblast refused the believers to open the church. On 26 March 1953 the empty church building was transferred to the collective farm "Red Resident of the Village of Samro" for a store on the condition that the church façade will be preserved. Now the church building is in the bad condition, the interior fragments are survived.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Historical Toponyms/Pesye, Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Samro Village

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