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Ivangorod Town coat of arms, the

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The Ivangorod Town's coat of arms is official approved with the decision of the Town Assembly of the Municipal Union “Gorod Ivangorod” (The town of Ivangorod) of 26 July 1998 under No13. The heraldic description of the coat of arms: “Within the azure field there is a black double-headed eagle with golden beaks and feet. The eagle holds a silver ribbon with the inscription written with black letters: " TZAR IOANN VASILIEVITH.” in it's beaks. In the bottom of the shield on the green ground with a silver wavy edge there are three silver towers without merlons. The middle tower is higher then others and two side towers have dark red pointed roofs; the towers are connected with silver merlon walls. Behind the walls there are two spires (on the both sides of the middle tower) and two houses (on the different sides of spires) with the silver walls and dark red roofs.” The modern coat of arms is completely conformed to the coat of arms which was developed and approved in 1730. The waves at the bottom of the shield are symbolizes the border river Narva. On the green hill there is the silver fortress with dark red roofs. This fortress remembers about the fortress which was the foundation of Ivangorod Town and remained the military importance until the second half of the 18th century. Above the fortress there is a double-headed eagle which is depicted on the stamp of Tsar Ivan III Vasilyevich who was the founder of the town. The town was called after Ivan III.. The eagle is without crowns, scepter and orb in the foots and without the small shield on the breast. The coat of arms was registered in the State Heraldic register of the Russian Federation under the No.511.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

Ivan III Vasilyevich, Grand Prince

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