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Linevsky, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1902-1985), a scientist

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Linevsky, Aleksandr Mikhailovich (1902-1985), a writer, archaeologist and ethnographer. Linevsky was born in St. Petersburg, studied at the College of Jurisprudence (1912-1918) and at the Petrograd/Leningrad Iniversity (1923-1928). In 1929 he mooved into Petrozavodsk City, worked at: the Karelian Museum of the Local History (1929-1931), the Central Archives Board (1931-1934), the Research Institute of the Language, Literature and History at the Karelian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1934-1954). A.M. Linevsky published many scientific works on archaeology, history, ethnography and folklore of Karelia. In 1926 he found petrogliphes "Besovi Sledki" (Demon's Tracks), dated the Neolithic period, near Belomorsk Town. This discovery brought the European fame to him. Petrogliphes became the main theme of Linevsky's research activities. After the war Linevsky studied medieval antiquities. During 1947-1950 Linevsky excavated 174 barrows from the 10 th to the early 13th centuries on the Oyat River in the Leningrad Oblast. A.M. Linevsky combined research and literary work. His works were published in magazines from 1925. He was the author of the story about primitive society "Listi kamennoy knigi" ("Pages of the Stone Book", 1930, final variant of the story was written in 1952). The story was translated in English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish and run into 16 editions. From 1930 to the 1960s Linevsky published the seriesof historic novels and stories about events of the revolution and the Civil War. The epic work "Belomotye" (1951-1964) became the most famous. From 1955 Linevsky devoted himself to literature entirely. In 1969 Linevsky was awarded the first State Prize of the Karelia ASSR in literarure and art.

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