Articles / Bezzabotnaya (The Careless), a country estate

Bezzabotnaya (The Careless), a country estate

Subject / Architecture/Country estates

Bezzabotnaya (The Careless), a country estate (Gorbunki Village, the Lomonosov District). The name (according to the name of the residence of Frederick II in Potsdam Sans-Souci; "sans souc" was translated from French as "careless") was given by O.A. Zherebtsova, the first owner of the estate of Bezzabotnaya. O.A. Zherebtsova, nee Countess Zubova, was a sister of Platon Zubov, a minion of Catherine II. She took an active part in peparing the conspiracy against Paul I. A wooden manor-house and service buildings were built in the estate of Bezzabotnaya and the landscape park was laid out at the dam on the River Strelka. The new owner of the estate of Bezzabotnaya was the Head of the State Bank E.I. Lamansky from 1874. He was living there for 30 years. Under him new dwelling and service houses were built, the fruit garden was laid out, an exemplary farm with rare breeds of cattle was made. The line of ponds was made in the park. Lamansky's heirs presented the estate of Bezzabotnaya to Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolayevich the junior. Under him the estate was used for hunting. A forest plot from the Independent Principality lands was added on the estate where a menagerie with guards and hunters' houses were made. Wooden constructions were not survived, the park with old trees was pressed with constructions of the battery farm.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Catherine II, Empress
Friedrich II, King
Lamansky, Yevgeny Ivanovich
Nikolay Nikolayevich (Junior), Grand Duke
Paul I, Emperor
Zherebtsova (nee Countess Zubova), Olga Aleksandrovna
Zubov, Platon Alekseyevich, Prince

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lomonosov District/Gorbunki Village
Topographical landmarks/Strelka River, the

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