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MUNICIPAL ARCHIVES, archival departments of municipal district administrations. They perform the two tasks of doing archival work for the territory of municipal districts and of functioning as municipal archives. The archives were founded in the early 1990s on the basis of district and town / city archives in the process of their merging with joint interdepartmental Archives for documents on personnel. Before the beginning of 1990s town and district archives served as temporary document storages: after the expiry of their 10-year term the documents of permanent / persistent storage were to be transferred to Leningrad Oblast State Archive in the town of Vyborg. As a result, it now stores documents and materials of a range of district institutions dating since the foundation of the Leningrad Oblast in 1927 up to 1970s. In municipal archives are also not available the documents of district party (The CPSU) institutions, which are in the custody of Central State Archive of Historical - political Documents (TSGAIPD SPb) (See Archives). At present (as of 2006) the Leningrad Oblast has 23 municipal archives, namely archive departments at the governments of Boksitogorsk, Volosovo, Volkhov, Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg, Gatchina, Kingisepp, Kirishi, Kirovsk, Lodeynoye Pole, Lomonosov, Luga, Podporozhye, Priozersk, Slantsi and Tosno Districts, of Volkhov, Gatchina, Ivangorod, Pikalyovo, Sosnovy Bor Towns, as well as the archive sector of the Kommunar Town government. Tkihvin district archive has a special status of a municipal institution. The funds of municipal archives number 717, 000 files (as of January 1st 2006). These are documents of district governments, branch management institutions, institutions of justice, industrial, agricultural and other companies, and of other institutions existing in the Leningrad Oblast, dating mostly from mid-1970s (some funds, mainly the documents of land-utilization and justice institutions, from late 1920s) to 2003. Personnel documents stored in municipal archives are mainly related to the period after 1944 (some documents – to late 1920s) up to the present time. Statistical information about the Leningrad Oblast districts, information on financial and tax policies, economic regulation and planning, land utilization, forestry, water industry and agriculture, industry, trade and consumer cooperatives, architecture, town planning and municipal management, education, culture, science, health care, social welfare, youth policy, electoral campaigns, political and public life, legal matters and judiciary practice can be found in the funds of branch management institutions and central district government institutions, including statistical departments, as well as in the funds of single companies and institutions operating in the areas listed above. Among the funds of business institutions one of the biggest and most important is the body of documents of state farms. Documentary funds on principal activities of organizations and institutions contain resolutions, orders and instructions, administrative decrees, charters and regulations, minutes of meetings, analytical surveys, development programmes, work plans, budgets and calculations of costs, statistical, financial and other accounts, staff and survey reports, manning tables, etc. Personnel funds contain personnel orders, personal files and cards and bank books.

Barsukov, Andrey Yuryevich

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