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Youth Theatre (Gatchina Town)

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YOUNG SPECTATORS’ THEATRE (YST) (Gatchina Town). It was founded in May 2003 according to the Leningrad Oblast Government’s resolution as an oblast mobile theatre. Creative director and chief manager is S.A. Rytov. The theatre repertoire includes the best performances for children made by Gatchina Town municipal theatres “Vstrechy” (“Meetings”) and “Prichastye” (“The Eucharist”). The theatre doesn’t have any permanent house, its mobile company tours the Leningrad Oblast and other regions in the North-West of Russia. The theatre makes more than 120 performances a year, among them are the following plays for children: “O Strashnom Drakone I Khrabrom Sapozhnike” (“About a Terrible Dragon and a Brave Shoemaker”) by M. Kovnadskaya, “Zhiraf I Nosorog” (“A Giraffe and a Rhino”) by G. Khorst and “Zolushka” (“Cinderella”) by Y. Schwarz (stage version by Y. Kotelnikova); performances for adults: “Poza Emigranta” (“Emigrant’s Pose”) by G. Slutskaya, “Akh, Ety Zhenschiny” (“Ah, Those Women”) by W. Harrison, “Schastlivy Den” (“Happy Day”) by A.N. Ostrovsky (director M. Karlina). Building of a new house for the theatre in Gatchina Town is being planned.

Rytov, Sergey Alekseyevich

Harrison, William Lloyd
Horst, G.
Karlina, M.
Kotelnikova, E.
Kovnadskaya, M.
Ostrovsky, Aleksandr Nikolayevich
Rytov, Sergey Alekseyevich
Schwarz, Yevgeny Lvovich
Slutskaya, Vera Klementyevna (Berta Bronislavovna)

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

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"Meetings", a theatre

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