Articles / Shostakovich, Dmitry Dmitriyevich, (1906 - 1975), a musician

Shostakovich, Dmitry Dmitriyevich, (1906 - 1975), a musician

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SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitry Dmitriyevich (1906–1975), composer, pianist, teacher, public figure. In 1919 he entered St.Petersburg Conservatory, in 1923 he graduated from the Conservatory piano class (teacher L.V. Nikolaev), in 1925 – composition class (teacher M.O. Steinberg). In the period 1923-25 Shostakovich worked as a pianist in the network “Sevzapkino”. In 1926 an opening night of his First Symphony, which gained him world popularity, was held. In the periods 1937-41 and 1962-65 Shostakovich worked as a teacher at the Leningrad Conservatory (since 1939 – a professor). In the period 1943-48 he worked as a professor at the Moscow Conservatory. Among his students were G.G Belov, B.I. Tischenko, V.A. Uspensky, G.I. Ustvol’skaya, etc. Years 1941-44 he spent in evacuation and since 1946 he lived in Moscow. Shostakovich is an author of 15 symphonies, 15 quartets, operas, ballets, oratorios, operettas, sound tracks, chamber vocal and instrumental music. People’s Artist of the USSR (1954), Hero of Socialist Labour (1966), USSR Sate Prizes Laureate. In the period 1906-10 his parents rented a country house in Vyborg Town. In the period 1910-16 in the summer the family lived in Irinovka Village near Sestroretsk Town, where father worked, or in Sheremetyevka Village near Shlisselburg Town. In 1933 Shostakovich and V.P. Solovyev-Sedoy visited academician I.P Pavlov in Koltushi Village (Vsevolozhsk District). In the period 1933-36 Shostakovich rented a country house in Vsevolozhsk Town or in Daymishche Village (Gatchina District). In 1966 he spent 2 months in a health resort in Melnichny Ruchey Settlement (modern Vsevolozhsk Town).

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Belov, Gennady Grigoryevich
Nikolayev, Leonid Vasilyevich
Pavlov, Ivan Petrovich
Shostakovich, Dmitry Dmitriyevich
Solovyev-Sedoy, Vasily Pavlovich (the real name was Solovyev)
Steinberg, Maksimilian Oseyevich
Tishchenko, Boris Ivanovich
Uspensky, Vladislav Aleksandrovich
Ustvolskaya, Galina Ivanovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Daymishche Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Koltushi Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Melnichny Ruchey
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Sheremetyevka Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Shlisselburg Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District/Vsevolozhsk Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

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