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The Saint Petersburg Gubernia's coat of arms was approved by Emperor on 5 July 1878 and abolished after the Revolution of 1917. Before establishing, according to an unwritten tradition, the Saint Petersburg's coat of arms was also the Saint Petersburg Gubernia's one. The new Gubernia's coat of arms had little differences with the capital's one: it had got the special framing (elements around the shield) and only one heraldic destinction: the river anchor was depicted with three flukes instead of four ones like the city's coat of arms. Heraldic description of the Gubernia's coat of arms: "On the dark red shield there is the gold Emperor sceptre located on the crossing silver anchor and crampon ( an anchor with three flukes). The shield is crowned with the Emperor crown and surrounded with golden oak leaves wich are connected with St. Andrew's ribbon".

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

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Винклер П.П. Гербы городов, губерний, областей и посадов Российской империи. М. 1990, С. 189.

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