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Churikov, Ivan Alekseyevich


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Teetotalism, religious - moral movement. It was disseminated among workers and craftsmen mainly who had the country origin. It was founded by I.А. Churikov who organized the society ""Sober Life"" in St Petersburg in 1906-1907 and the... more

The Church of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul (Vyritsa Town, Gatchina District)
The Church of Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul (the Urban Settlement of Vyritsa , 28 Pavassara Street). The first in the settlement church built according to the decision of owners of lands (including I.A. Churikov) and mainly for their... more

Vyritsa, urban settlement
VYRITSA, an urban settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 13,700. It is situated on the Oredezh River. The name evidently originates from the Russian word “vyr’” meaning “deep” or “whirlpool.” The largest dacha settlement in terms of area... more