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Kommunar, town

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KOMMUNAR, town in Gatchina District. Population: 17,200. Located on the bank of the Izhora River 2 km away from Antropshino Railway Station. In the 18th century, the estate in the Slavyanka valley was owned by Catherine I, and after that, Count Karl Skavronsky and his descendants. From 1829, the estate was owned by Countess Y. P. Samoilova and was named Grafskaya Slavyanka (renamed Tsarskaya Slavyanka in 1846 when purchased by the Department of the Apanages.) The settlement emerged with the establishment of a paper mill in 1843. In the Soviet period, the mill was named Kommunar, and the settlement was given the same name. In 1953, K. became a worker’s settlement, and in 1993, a town of district subordination. Currently, the mill ( JSC Kommunar Paper Mill ) is one the leading ones in the country. K. has two libraries (see Kommunar town library); center of culture, leisure, and creativity, where vocal and dancing teams function (Slavyanochka children’s ensemble since 1983); school of arts (collective member of the Peter I Academy of Sciences and Arts); the ‘Izhora-Kommunar’, ‘Karmannaya Gazeta’, and ‘Region Business Plus’ newspapers are published; Radio Extreme amateur radio station has been on the air since 2002. In 1999, Russia’s first memorial sign “To Victims of WW2” was opened in K. (architect A. Kim, artist/sculptor U. von Leistner.)
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Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Catherine I, Empress
Kim, Anatoly Andreyevich
Laistner, Ursula von
Samoylova, Yulia Pavlovna
Skavronsky, Karl Samoylovich

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Topographical landmarks/Slavyanka River, the

История г. Коммунар. URL:
Хмельник Т. Бумажный городок // Аргументы и факты Петербург. Вып. 33. 18 августа 2005., С. 22

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