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Round Tower (Vyborg Town), the

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The Round Tower (Vyborg Town, The Market square). The tower was built by fortifier Gans Bergen. The tower was located in 20 m from the fortress wall which defended Vyborg from the outside Novgorod road. The tower protected Skotogonnuye Gate (The gate was demolished in the beginning of the XVIII century). The tower was built from the granite boulders which were mortared. The diameter of the tower is 21 m and the height is 22 m. The vaulted ceilings of the two lower floors of the tower were located on the walls and on the stone pillar that located in the center of the tower. The guns were at the gallery on the second floor level. The tower was repeatedly rebuilt, and in 1775 was built a new conclusion. At various times in the Round Tower were arsenal, a prison, a warehouse. Vyborg Castle was abolished in 1860 and the Round Tower was leased to merchants. The internal restructuring of the tower under the "historic restaurant" was held in 1922 (architect Ulberg U.). In the 1972-75 Round Tower was restored and here was opened cafe and banquet hall (architect Dmitriev V.V., painter-restorer Sausen R.P., etc.).

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Bergen, Hans
Dmitriyev, Vladimir Vladimirovich
Mellais, Y
Sausen, Rudolf Petrovich
Ulberg, Uno Werner

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Rynochnaya Square (Market Square)

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