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Pantserlaks, a bastion (Vyborg Town)

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Pantserlaks (Vyborg Town, Luzhskaya Street, 1) is a bastion of the so-called Rogatnaya Fortress (1563 – 1590s, fortifiers A. Maalari, I. de Mess) that defended suburb of Vyborg – Zemlyanoy Town. The three-cornered bastion was built in 1579-81, it turns to Golf of Vyborg by southern flank (there is Swedish title – “The Armour of the Gulf”). It was extensively affected in capture of Vyborg by Russian army in the May of 1710. In 1745 the fortifying of the escarp was committed, the powder magazine was erected at the same time. In the 1860s the neighbouring bastions Walport and Auryapya were demolished, after that the Pantserlaks was used for economic needs. In 1915-16 during arrangement of the new harbor the addition of the coastal strip was made that moved the Pantserlaks out from the sea for 100 meters. On the top pad of the bastion in 1932 the building of the Picture gallery and school of painting (the architect is U. Ulberg) was built, since 1950s it was occupied with Vyborg branch of the Lengrazhdanproject.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Maalari, Andreas
Mess, Johann de
Ulberg, Uno Werner

Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town/Luzhskaya Street
Topographical landmarks/Vyborg Bay, the

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