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Rapti, a country estate

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Rapti, a country estate (the settlement named after Dzerzhinsky, the Luga district). In 1616 Tsar Mikhail Fyedorovich granted the village estate Rapti located on the shore of Lake Cheremenetskoye to G.A. Bazanin. Dyring more then 200 years the estate was handed down. In 1849 A.A. Polovtsev bought the estate. During 1886-1992 under the State Secretary A.A. Polovtsev, his son, the estate complex in the Regency Style of the 18th century (the project by I.A. Stefanits and L.Kh. Marshner) was created. Terraces with water and green parterres went up from the lake to the palace, canals and small bridges across them were made. On the lake shore there was a pier. The first in the Luga uyezd steamship travelled back and forth in the lake (the steamship was launched on 14 May 1889). In summer of 1885 I.N. Kramskoy went to Rapti where he painted portraits of the Polovtsevs family members. In 1918 the estate was taken under the state protection as the local significance monument. A health centre for NKVD (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs) workers was placed in the palace. At World War II time the palace was blown up. After the war the estate remains were taken to bricks by the local inhabitants. The park was neglected. At the present time ZAO (closed joint-stock company) "Plemzavod Rapti" ("Livestock Breeding Farm Rapti") is placed on the territory of the former estate. Only the palace arch and stairs and a humpback bridge over the canal were intacted.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Bazanin, Grigory Afanasyevich
Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
Marshner, Ludwig Christoforovich
Mikhail Fyodorovich, Tsar
Polovtsev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Polovtsev, Aleksandr Andreyevich
Stefanits, Ivan Aleksandrovich

Topographical landmarks/Cheremenetskoye Lake
Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Dzerzhinsky, Settlement named after

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