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"Unnamed Height", monument, the

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The monument "Unnamed Height" ("The Hill of Glory"), a monument in the complex "The Green Belt of Glory" on the right bank of the River Neva at the Ivanovsky Rapids (the Vsevolozhsk district). It was constructed by workers of the Vyborg district of Leningrad in 1965-1968 (the architect L.I. Kopilovsky, the sculptors G.D. Yastrebenetsky, Ye.I. Rotanova, V.G. Kozenyuk). The district where the memorial was built, was the leading edge of the Leningrad defence in 1941. The bombardment of the enemy front line from more then 4.5 thousand of antiaircraft guns was started from this part of the front on January 12, 1943. It gave a chance to force a crossing over the River Neva. The monument composition designed for the view from some points. The installations is the artificial hill (the height is more then 20 m) with concrete stairs and observation grounds. On the upper observation ground there is the symbolical bronze sculpture group: figures of soldiers who are called by a woman that personifyed the Victory and steadfastness. The memorial complex included restored defensive installations of 1941-1943. Originally there were some versions of the memorial's name: "Kholm slavi" ("The Hill of Glory"), "Piramida Pobedi" ("The Pyramid of Victory"), "Gimn zhizni" ("The Hymn of Life"). According to the legend the name has occurred by accident. Aftre the completion of building an elderly worker said "Well, It seems our unnamed height is ready"

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna
Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Kopylovsky, Leonid Iosifovich
Kozenyuk, Valentin Grigoryevich
Rotanova, E.I.
Yastrebenetsky, Grigory Danilovich

Topographical landmarks/Ivanovsky Rapids
Topographical landmarks/Neva River, the

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