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"Malaya Khatyn", memorial, the

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"Malaya Khatyn" is a memotrial complex in the Volosovo district on the territory of the destroyed by fashists village of Bolshoye Zarechye. It was opened in October 1971 and devoted to victims of the Great Patriotic War. The memorial was built according the project of the sculptor M.T. Litovchenko and the architect F.A. Gepner. The memorial consists of two granite steles and a bronze figure of a Soviet soldier. Inscriptions on steles tells about fighting partisans with fashists. One of them is devoted to the terrible fate of dwellers of the village of Bolshoye Zarechye which was burned on October 5, 1943. After the war it was ascertained that 66 people were perished there. Among them there were women, old people, children. The Volosovo district partisan movement perished leaders' names are carved on other stele. Foundations of houses and chimney frames are intacted on the place of the village. They are included into the memorial complex.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Hepner, Filipp Aronovich
Litovchenko, Maria Timofeyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Bolshoye Zarechye Village

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