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"The Garden of Peace", monument, the

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"The Garden of Peace" is the memorial included into "The Green Belt of Glory". It is located at the 35th km of Vyborg Road. The memorial was opened on May 5, 1967. It was devoted to Leningrad defence and the feat of the 21st and 23d Army of the Leningrad front. The memorial was built according to the project of the architects V.A. Gavrilov and Yu.A. Dyakonov, participants of battles on the Leningrad front. A memorial stele made of granite units with the length 10 m and height 2.8 m was placed on the artificial hill, a flower bed was laid in front of the stele. Nearby the stele there are concrete antitank obstacle taken from real war antitank obstacles located not far. The inscriptin "24.08.1941" was carved on one of them. An apple tree garden that simbolizes triumph of life was laid out close by the memorial.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

Dyakonov, Yuri Aleksandrovich
Gavrilov, Valentin Aleksandrovich

Saint-Petersburg City/Vyborgskoye Shosse (Vyborg Highway)

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