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"To Stolbovsky Peace", memorial sign, the

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The memorial sign "To Stolbovsky Peace" is placed in the village of Stolbovo of the Volkhov district. On February 27, 1617 in the village of Stolbovo (close to Tikhvin) the peace treaty between Sweden and Russia, called "Stolbovsky Peace", was signed. According to the treaty cities of Novgorod and Staraya Russa passed to Russia, cities of Oreshek, Korela (Keksgolm), Yam, Koporye and Ivangorod passed to Sweden. The memorial sign placing necessity in the place of the treaty signing was discussed by public societies and Tikhvin local historians in the 19th century. There were plans of placing it in 1917 but the revolution hindered their realization. A wooden cross devoted to the event was erected on the River Syas bank in 2002-2003.

Karpenko, Irina Aleksandrovna

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Мордвинов П.И. Тихвин и Столбово в 1609–1617 г. Тихвин, 1917, С. 19-21