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Keksgolm Town

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Eparhy of Korelia
Eparchy of Korelia (Korelian and Oreshsky/Oreshkovsky Eparchy; according to other names - Korelian and Koporsky). It was founded in 1595 after Tyavzinsky Treaty of Peace with Sweden when the town of Korela (now the town of Priozersk) was given back... more

Shvindt, Teodor (1851-1917), a scholar
Peter (Pyotr) Teodor Shvindt (1851, Putoria Estate in Räisälä; now Melnikovo Settlement in Priozresk District - 1917) was an archaeologist, ethnographer, folklorist. He finished a grammar school in the town of Vyborg, studied in the Polytechnic... more

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Priozersk Town)
The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God (Priozersk Town, 11 Kalinin Street) is the main cathedral of the town. The parish cathedral of the Nativity of Christ (it was built in 1296; in 1612 it was adapted by Swedes for the Lutheran... more

The Church of All Saints (Priozersk Town)
The Church of All Saints (Priozersk Town, 17 Pushkin Street). The stone church made of local brick (the architect J.Ya. Arenberg) was built in the cemetery during 1890-1892 according to the will of Ye. Andreyeva, a daughter of a merchant. The church... more

"To Stolbovsky Peace", memorial sign, the
The memorial sign "To Stolbovsky Peace" is placed in the village of Stolbovo of the Volkhov district. On February 27, 1617 in the village of Stolbovo (close to Tikhvin) the peace treaty between Sweden and Russia, called "Stolbovsky Peace", was... more