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"Literature and the cinema", a film festival

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“LITERATURE AND CINEMA”, film festival. It was established in 1995 as a festival of screen versions. It is held in Gatchina Town, in 2006 XII festival took place. Promoters: Federal Agency for Culture and Filmmaking, the Leningrad Oblast Government, Gatchina Town local authorities, Literature Institute named after M. Gorky, newspaper “Kultura” (“Culture”) editorial board, St.Petersburg Filmmakers’ Union. Russian and foreign films can take part in the contest (not more than 20 films). Different contests are held: feature films contests, non-feature films contests, film contest “Debut”, out-of-competition foreign films program. Awarded prizes: “Garnet Bracelet” (Grand Prix), two special jury awards, awards for the best actor and actress, etc. Besides the official awards, viewers’, readers’ and the media prizes are also awarded. As a part of the festival several events take place: meetings with art workers, theoretical and practical conferences, round tables, a daily information bulletin is issued. Since 2003 a contest for the best script for screen versions is being held.

Popov, Vladimir Mikhaylovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town

Гатчина. Кинофестиваль Литература и кино. Официальные страницы Гатчинского кинофестиваля. URL:
Комарова О. Из истории российского кинофестиваля «Литература и кино». URL:

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