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Brandenburg, Nikolay Yefimovich (1839-1903), a scientist

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Brandenburg, Nikolay Yefimovich (1839-1903), a military historian, archaeologist, Lieutenant-General (1896). After finishing the Konstantin Military School in 1858, he served in artillery units. In 1861, keeping on the military sevice, Brandenburg entered to the faculty of oriental studies of the St.Petersburg University as an external student, took a course, he viva a thesis which was awarded a silver medal. From 1872 during 25 years N.Ye. Brandenburg was the Head of the Artillery Historic Museum. From 1874 till 1884 Brandenburg carried out large-scale archaeological excavations in the Ladoga Lake region as well as at the south of Russia and in Siberia. In the Leningrad Oblast territory Brandenburg explored about 150 Ladoga Lake region barrows of the late 9th - the early 11th centuries, mounds of the 8th-10th centuries on the Volkhov River, carried out detailed measurements and excavations of the stone fortress and churches of Staraya Ladoga. Brandenburg's fundamental publications are the important source for studing the past of the region untill the present days.

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Brandenburg, Nikolay Yefimovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Staraya Ladoga Village
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