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Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich (1845-1892), a scientist

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Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich (1845-1892), a doctor, archaeologist, anthropologist. He graduated the Medical and Surgical Academy in 1869 with the gold medal and he was suggested to work as an assistant lecturer at the descriptive anatomy department. At the instance of the Russian Achaeologic Society Ivanovsky was sent for studing the Middle Age craniological materials. During 1872-1875 and in 1891 Ivanovsky excavated 5877 Old Russian barrows in 127 burial grounds on the Izhora Hills in the western uyezds of the St. Petersburg Gubernia. He got the unique data about the evolution of funeral ritual, types of female decorations, arms and implements of the 11th-15th centuries, about the Novgorod Slav culture and their connections with the local Baltic and Finnish population. Ivanovsky explored Novgorodian mounds of the 8th-10th centuries on the Lovat River. Materials about several thousand funeral complexes and tens thousand real finds were published in 1896 by A.A. Spitsin after the untimely death of Ivanovsky. These materials are the important source on the history of the medieval rural population of the north-western lands of Veliky Novgorod.

Plotkin, Konstantin Moiseyevich

Ivanovsky, Lev Konstantinovich
Spitsyn, Aleksandr Andreyevich

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