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Inostrantsev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1843-1919), a scientist

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Inostrantsev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich (1843-1919), a geologist, a professor of the St. Petersburg University (1873), a Corresponding Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1901). He graduared from the physico-mathematical faculty of the St. Petersburg University (1867), taught at the university, organized the department of geology. From 1888 A.A. Inostrantsev was the Chairman of the Russian Anthropology Society, from 1900 he was the President of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists. Inostrantsev was the author of works on geology, petrography, palaeontology, groundwater hydrology, archaeology. A.A. Inostrantsev studied the geological structure of Northern Russia, problems of the drinking water supply of St. Petersburg. During 1878-1882 Inozemtsev organized archaeological control over building the new lines of by-pass canals along the southern coast of Ladoga Lake, passed through places of multi-layer archaeological sites of the Mesolithic period, Neolithic period and the early Iron Age. Collected items made of stone, bone and wood (including a dugout, bones of animals and fish, remains of plants, human remains from burials), found on the bottom of the canal and earth banks, formed the unique "Collection of A.A. Inozemtsev". Inozemtsev's monograph "Doistorichesky chelovek kamennogo veka poberezhya Ladozhskogo ozera" ("Prehistoric Human of the Stone Age of Ladoga Lake Coast", 1882) is the important scietific source on the present days. The bay at Novaya Zemlya Island and many fossil organisms are named after Inozemtsev.

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Inostrantsev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

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Соколов В.А. Александр Александрович Иностранцев. 1843-1919. М., 1981

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